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Never Fire Warning Shots

I try to avoid starting articles with statements such as "When I was in Iraq" or "Back in combat," but I feel that this topic deserves such treatment. Read more
Northtech Defense | Northwest Performance

Northtech Defense: Northwest Performance

Chris Tran's Recent Build and Impressions of the Northtech Defense Billet Receiver Set. Read more
Fortis SWITCH - Revolutionary Rail Design

SWITCH Rail System by Fortis Manufacturing

Fortis Manufacturing has done it again with the SWITCH Rail system - featuring a tool-less removal design. Read more

212 Tactical Designs – Modular Mastery

Chris Tran introduces us to 212 Tactical Designs and the Tactical Belt Clip System. Read more

Mike and Tim - KRISS USA, SPHINX and Krytac

Get to know two of the guys who are instrumental behind the scenes at KRISS USA. Jake Challand interviews Mike Hou and Tim Seargeant of KRISS USA. Read more


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February 6, 20142 months ago

A Revolutionary New M-Commerce App in the Firearms Industry

Revolvr is a firearm accessory peer to peer exchange that was founded by the entrepreneurs behind Rainier Arms, Defense Marketing Group, and the newly announced PayMeBaby platform that drives the PistolPay payment service. Read more
January 26, 20142 months ago

Rainier Arms Partners with Merchant Services LTD to Launch PistolPay

Industry Leaders, Merchant Services LTD and Rainier Arms, Join Forces to Release 2A Friendly eCommerce Solutions Read more
December 6, 20134 months ago

Vertx Signs Strategic Alliance with Victory First

Vertx Apparel is proud to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Matt Jacques and the cadre of Victory First Consulting. Read more